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Our Story

Melage Beauty is a multi-vendor marketplace of beauty and cosmetic products created by entrepreneurs of color. Melage Beauty, or Melage for short, was created with both the minority customer and business-owner in mind. It came to be because its co-founders were serious about making a habit of supporting Black-owned businesses, and believed one way to do that was through cosmetic products. As they began to research various products, they realized there were a TON of amazing brands they'd never heard of. They also felt overwhelmed by the number of sites they had to visit to discover new brands and make educated purchasing decisions. This sparked the idea of a one-stop-shop, that makes it easy to discover, explore and support a variety of brands at once. They also wanted a place that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to sell their products directly to consumers, in a way that's flexible and profitable. From this Melage was birthed. Our desire is that this marketplace is a win for both brands and customers. That customers have greater access to products that meet their daily beauty and cosmetic needs, and brands have increased exposure to people who want to support them. We are more than just a marketplace. We are a space where cosmetics, culture & community unite. We are Melage and Melage is YOU!

A beauty marketplace created for YOU!

Melage Beauty is here to increase awareness and access to beauty and cosmetics products created by minority entrepreneurs.

For Minority-Owned Brands

Minority created brands are underrepresented in the beauty industry, despite minorities spending millions of dollars yearly on beauty products. Melage Beauty is a niche marketplace with a goal of increasing support of these brands, so that our market-share matches our spending.

For Business Owners

Unlike the demands of maintaining a wholesale relationship or building a new website, Melage Beauty gives small brands the flexibility to sell products as their supply allow, and maintain control of how customers experience their brand.

For Cosmetic Lovers

Melage Beauty is committed to ensuring that Black and Brown people feel seen in the beauty industry, and therefore feature high-quality brands that are committed to delivering the best products in the industry that meet the needs of people of color.